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Peaky Blinders Series 6 Premiere

Cineworld, Broad Street, Birmingham 24 February 2022

The premiere for the 6th and last series of Peaky Blinders was held in Birmingham on Thursday 24th February, at Cine World, Broad St. Wearing my other hat (@PeskyBlunders fan account on Twitter), I was lucky enough to attend.

Some of the cast such as Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson and Packy Lee were unable to attend, mostly because they were working on other projects, but a good contingent of the actors braved the icy weather (it had snowed earlier in the day) to greet the gathered fans. A special shout-out to the ladies who walked the red carpet in their glamourous outfits without coats.

I was in a section of the press away from the main group and the photographers, near the entrance to the cinema, so by the time they reached us, the cast thought they had finished their press call and were rushing for the warmth of the foyer. Nevertheless, I managed to grab a few words with a couple of the cast and we were had a great view of the backdrop for the main photo call.

With the secrecy that surrounds the show, the cast weren't able to say much about what their character would be up to in Series 6. Conrad Khan, nominated for the BAFTA rising star award in 2020 and most recently seen in "Baptiste" was doubly handicapped as he couldn't even say the name of his character, not without having to kill me afterwards anyway. Good to hear that he had been made welcome by the cast though.

Interview with Conrad Khan

The non-Peaky star of the show was a fabulous vintage car, which had once belonged to the entertainer George Formby, and is now to be found at the Black Country Living Museum. Ned Dennehy, Tommy's Uncle Charlie was game to pose with the car for me, looking a lot smarter than Uncle Charlie ever has.

Director Anthony Byrne was next along and spoke about the overall look of the series and some of the French actors who are appearing in this series.

Interview with Peaky Blinders S6 director, Anthony Byrne.

Australian newcomer James Frecheville, who plays Gina's uncle, Jack Nelson (loosely based on Joe Kennedy, father of President John Kennedy) was in attendance and posed for a photo with Finn Cole. They are linked by "Animal Kingdom" which was originally an Australian film: James played Joshua "J" Cody in the original film of 2010 whilst Finn currently plays the same part in the TNT TV series.

Animal Kingdom Get-Together? James Frecheville (left) with Finn Cole (right)

Ned Dennehy was cold (not as cold as Peskyblunders in her 20s outfit!) and not giving much away apart from the fact that there will be trouble!

Interview with Ned Dennehy

Another actor who couldn't give much away was Kate Phillips aka Linda. But kudos for braving the cold with bare shoulders!

Interview with Kate Phillips

It was already time for the first episode to be showing inside when the ever-popular Sophie Rundle went past but she still made time for a few words before being rushed inside to the warm!

Interview with Sophie Rundle

Gallery of photos - click on photo for full image


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